The Fortunes are at it again!  This year, with a new book from January to June, the Horseback Hollow Fortunes not only have an invasion of handsome Brits to deal with, but a new theme park is coming to town, turning some folks' lives upside down.  It's going to prove great fun, so be sure to check out each one smiley

A Royal Fortune by Judy Duarte

Fortune's Little Heartbreaker by Cindy Kirk

Mendoza's Secret Fortune by Marie Ferrarella

The Taming of Delaney Fortune by Michelle Major

My Fair Fortune by Nancy Robards Thompson

Fortune's June Bride by moi


Also coming up in August will be the next episode for the residents of Weaver, Wyoming and the Double-C Family.   One Night in Weaver tells the tale of local psychologist, Hayley Templeton, and sexy Seth Banyon, who is more than just the security guard he claims to be.  So keep watch!

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updated January 30, 2015