I love a royal romance, so Fortune's Prince was a whole lot of fun to write.  When Amelia Fortune Chesterfield discovers her Texas roots, the royal beauty hurries to Horseback Hollow, eager to find her past...but there, she finds her future with the least likely man--Quinn Drummond.  Only the gun-shy cowboy has some trust issues to overcome, particularly when the world thinks she's engaged to another man!  With paparazzi on her trail, she's got to find a way to convince Quinn he is the only prince for her, as well the baby of his that she's secretly carrying.  A hope you'll have as much fun with them as I did!

If that isn't enough, check out Destined for the Maverick, my new digital release. Harlequin is celebrating 20 years in the saddle with Montana Mavericks, and "Destined" is a short, sexy prequel aimed at getting y'all in the maverick mood!  For non-Kindle users, visit here instead. 

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updated June 5, 2014