Fall is in the air again.  Why am I always surprised when that happens every year?!  It means that the year is winding down (or winding up, depending upon your perspective).  It also means that another Return to the Double-C book is coming very soon when A Weaver Christmas Gift hits the bookshelves in late October.  Jane Cohen and Casey Clay have been discreetly engaging in something. . .discreet. . .but the time for fun and games is passing.  Now Jane's biological clock is ticking loudly in her ears, and she wants a man--a marrying man, which Casey Clay definitely is not--to help her baby plan come true.  But the impossible, irresistible Casey has set the bar ridiculously high for her husband hunt!  If only he were the type to say I do, everything would be just fine.  If only. . .

RT Book Reviews gives "Gift" 4 1/2 stars and a Top Pick, saying it's "engaging, intense and funny" and I sure do hope you feel the same!

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updated October 6, 2014