Typically, summer is flying by and we're heading back to Wyoming for another encounter with the Templeton/Clay families, in Vegas Wedding, Weaver Bride!  This is the story of Quinn Templeton and Penny Garner, who take a little trip to Vegas with Quinn's eccentric granny, Vivian Templeton...only to wake up married!

Penny's a hometown girl and Quinn was her teenage crush.   But waking up in bed with him, finding a ring on her finger and a marriage certificate on the bedside with no memory of how THAT all happened is definitely not in her plans.  The jury's out on whether it's Penny's dream come true or worst nightmare.

Quinn has to wonder what they actually did that night, too.  And when they get back to Weaver, Wyoming, the air force pararescueman can't just ignore the real feelings for his fake bride--especially if Penny's pregnant.  Will they remember what brought them to the altar in the first place...and maybe sign up for a repeat performance?

I hope you'll enjoy their adventure as much as I did!

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